Adhesive Bonding in Theory and Practice

The course “Adhesive Bonding in Theory and Practice” provides the essentials in the analysis, design and manufacturing of adhesive bonds. On completion of the course students are able

  • to analyze the strength of an adhesive joint
  • to characterize adhesives and adhesive joints (preparation, analysis and interpretation tests)
  • to assess the suitability of adhesive bonding technology for specific cases and applications
  • to understand and assess the process chain in the industrial manufacturing of adhesively bonded structures

The course includes theoretical fundamentals and practical laboratory training. Parts of the course are held at our cooperation partner DELO Industrieklebstoffe in Windach bei München.


SupervisorDominik Boos, M.Sc.
TypePractical Course
Max. number of participants16
Examobligation to attend, written exam
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