Composite Materials and Structure-Property Relationship

Figure: Carbon Fiber

Various fiber types and matrices exist with different properties resulting in a diverse range of mechanical properties in the final composite component. This course will give an introduction to these fiber types and their production as well as the various types of matrix systems (thermoset and thermoplastic), their synthesis and properties. Additionally, the carbon yarns, also known as rovings, undergo a textile process to improve their handling ability and their following process ability. These textile processes and their finished products, i.e. woven fabrics, non crimped fabrics, braidings and tailored fiber placements, will also be addressed.

LecturersProf. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Drechsler
Luciano Avila Gray, M.Sc.
SupervisorDipl.-Ing. (Univ.) Christian Pohl
TypeSpecialized Course
SWS3 (2 Lecture and 1 Exercise)
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