Materials and Process Technologies for Carbon Composites (Bachelor Students only)

Figure: Carbon Fiber

Overview: Definitions, Advantages/Disadvantages; Application of Carbon Composites; market trends; Materials:  Fibre: Types, Production, Properties; Matrix: Types (thermoset, thermoplastic), synthesis and properties; Fibre/Matrix-Properties; semifinished fibre products: woven fabrics, non crimped fabrics, braidings, tailored fibre placements; Process technologies using dry reinforcement materials: Preform: Braiding, Stitching, Embroidery; Fibre Placment Technologies, Fibre Patch Preforming; Injection and Infusion: Principles of impregnation and curing process (resin flow, enery transmission, permeability, …); Overview and varieties of different infusion processes (RTM, VARI, …); Toolings and Equipment; Quality Assurance Methods; Process simulation: Principles and models of Draping, Braiding, Flow and curing simulation tools and corresponding software packages; Process technologies using wet reinforcement materials: Autoclave technique, compression moulding, filament winding, fibre and tape laying, pultrusion; Material properties and characterization,  Classical Laminate Theory, design and engineering with Carbon Composites

LecturersProf. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Drechsler
SupervisorDr. Iman Taha
TypeSpecialized Course
SWS3 (2 Lecture and 1 Exercise)
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