Multifunctional Polymer-based Composites

Figure: Polylactic acid polymer with carbon fiber filler particles

Novel and lesser-known aspects of polymer-based composites are at the center of this lecture. The ability to create truly multifunctional structures through the addition of micro- and nano-constituents will be discussed. This course introduces students to some of the fundamentals underlying the characteristics of multifunctional composite materials. Material length scales ranging from nano to macro are herein covered, as are various filler constituents and physical effects. The presented subject matter will elucidate principal material morphologies, their effects on material characteristics, and strategies for material modeling and the design of structures. The subject matter is treated from an engineering perspective rather than a physics or chemistry viewpoint.

VortragenderProf. Pierre Mertiny
AnsprechpartnerDipl.-Ing. Swen Zaremba
ArtSupplementary Course
Prüfungwritten or oral examination, dependent on the number of participants
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